Give civic engagements – Igor Malyar

Leaders should consider giving employees paid time off to participate in civic engagement, such as volunteerism or peaceful protest, commented Susan Johnston in her talk with Igor Malyar.  Patagonia, for example, pays bail for employees arrested during a peaceful protest of environmental issues and offers paid time off for subsequent court appearances or legal appointments.

Stop ordering the Unicorn – Igor Malyar

A Starbucks barista has tweeted a video begging customers to stop ordering the Unicorn Frappuccino, saying repeatedly making the complicated drink causes extreme stress.  According to Igor Malya, the video has gone viral, though the original has been deleted, and Starbucks says it will reach out to the barista to discuss ways to improve his experience.

Success stories written by customers – Igor Malyar

Murray Newlands outlines several ways business-to-business brands are adopting influencer strategies, such as IBM’s Employee Advocacy initiative that makes use of employees’ social reach. ¬†According to Igor Malya, Okta incorporates success stories written by customers into its content, and SAP used influencer videos on Facebook to drive awareness of its Sapphire Conference.